Adam’s Peak in 9 Acts

Posted by on February 17, 2011

Sunrise from the top of Adam's Peak is easily one of the most impressive I've ever seen.

Luckily with most people starting the hike up in time to arrive for sunrise, by the start of the day the hardest work is already done!

After a long prayer service...

...a short rest...

...and a few offerings at the temple's shrine...

...the trek back to the bottom of the valley begins.

After winding back down the mountain...

...and stopping once or twice for a bathroom break or to admire the handsome view...

...the reasonably able hiker can make it down in time for morning tea.

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3 Responses to Adam’s Peak in 9 Acts

  1. Matt

    Hah, excellent story through photos! Reminds me of Mt. Fuji. (my email address will not be displayed, correct? Or what about my website?)

    • slioy

      Thanks. I’m still a little sad it was too cold to climb Fuji while I was in Japan.

      Email address doesn’t display, but your name is a click-through to the website. Though one would still need a username and your filthy password to access, even if the site were still up.

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