All up in Afghanistan

Posted by on July 1, 2012

Of all the Central Asian Republics, the easiest by far to get a tourist visa for is (surprisingly?) Afghanistan.

I’d never planned to visit Afghanistan on this round of Central Asia (and indeed remember assurring several people that I wouldn’t… sorry guys), but after visiting the Wakhan Valley’s border market a quick visit to Afghanistan seemed much more reasonable than so many years of hearing negative media portrayals of the country had ever lead me to believe.

Ishkashim Afghan bazaar

Three short days after having the idea in the first place, and we were in! And you know what? It was entirely unexciting. Normal, even. We talked to people, shopped in the bazaar, made friends, and got invited into somebody’s house for tea at least once every hour or two.

Afghanistan border Khorog

Come back later for stories about hitchhiking, homestays, and heavy discussions of war and life and death. For now, though, 51 of my favorite pictures from Afghanistan!

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4 Responses to All up in Afghanistan

  1. Nan

    Glad you are back & seemed to enjoy your trip!!
    Also want you to know that my orchid is just now beginning to fade. Sure has been a nice one. Plan to see if I can make it bloom again next year. I have a new light & am moving the bird cage across the hall to make it a new orchid staging area while they are getting ready to bloom again. Maybe I will have it all together by the time you get here. Have got to figure out how to set the timer to make it come on for 12 hours in the right time.m I think my count is now up to 12 but not sure some of them will make it another year. Never can have too many as far as I am concerned. Sure makes watering day a job some times. But really enjoy these plants. I now have 3 pony tail plants but have to give one up for Cindy soon. Love U. N

  2. Susan @ Travel Junkette

    Very cool! Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself.

  3. kent foster

    Fantastic photos. Looking forward to reading about how it was.

    • Stephen

      Thanks man! II’ll have an apartment (!!!) in Bishkek soon, and hope to sit down and write up the past few months once I’m settled in.

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