Alexandrovka Village

Posted by on December 30, 2010

Alexandrovaka village, about an hour from Chishinau.

My trip to Moldova immediately took an unexpected turn when I was invited to a small Bulgarian village near Chishinau to meet a metal band who lived there part of the year to help their families with farm work.

The two on the left are residents/ band members, and the guy on the right lives in Chishinau and invited me to tag along to visit his friends.

We spent about half the day doing some light farm work, and then the night barbequing, rock as only metal-heads do, and forcing Ilia to do tons of translating between me and the band dudes.

Light farm work: stacking wood and shoo-ing chickens.

It was so unexpected but awesome that I immediately knew I was going to have a good time in Moldova.

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