Diamonds Museum Amsterdam – Where the Tour Lasts Longer Than the Diamonds

Posted by on October 9, 2013

Diamonds Museum Amsterdam

amsterdam diamonds museum

Flat cut diamonds?

Of all the touristy things I did during my several weeks in Amsterdam,
I remember one as being the obvious standout lowlight.

Coster Diamonds and the Amsterdam Diamond Museum.

coster diamonds

Close-up, still not impressed.

Some people really like this stuff, I suppose, and these places (just across the street from Museumplein) always seemed to have tourists hanging around. The museum was particularly bad, though, with a couple of rooms of extremely basic exhibits detailing the popularity of diamonds through a number of civilizations in modern history.

amsterdam diamond shopping

Shopping in-store?

amsterdam diamond museum

Making another close-up shot.

I did have some fun, of course, as I went to the Diamond Museum with a friend and she helped me pick out some pretty sweet bling to take a photo with.

amsterdam diamond museum

This is me with bling. Shuai, dui ma?

I tend to think diamonds are themselves a bit of a bad joke, the worldwide desire for which is the result more of extremely well run marketing campaigns than any sort of real inherent value.

coster diamonds watch

Watch your wallet!

The rest of the time, though, was mostly just the folks at Coster Diamonds doing their best to convince a room full of people (with the door to the room locked, no less!) how good a deal they could get at factory prices.

Oh… and this diamond-encrusted baboon skull at the diamond museum.

diamonds museum amsterdam skull



I visited the Diamond Museum of Amsterdam and Coster Diamonds Factory while I was doing some professiona; photography jobs for GetYourGuide. The Coster Factory is free. If after reading this you’re still keen to visit the Diamond Museum, check out GYG’s Amsterdam Diamond Museum tour.

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6 Responses to Diamonds Museum Amsterdam – Where the Tour Lasts Longer Than the Diamonds

  1. Nan

    Am I to under stand that you picked out a diamond for all the girls in the family because on our side all you will need are 6?

    • Stephen

      That is actually precisely the incorrect understanding.

      Thanks for playing, though, and better luck next time!

  2. Mom

    Well i was going to place my order for Christmas also, but it does not sound promising…

  3. Mom

    And keep in mind that “I” am mom!!

    • Stephen

      You should have said all this when I was THERE! Far too late now to pick up Dutch diamonds since I’ve already left the country!

  4. Mom

    Hello – diamonds are a girls best friend – you should know this 🙂

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