Taking a Ride on the MuseumPlein

Posted by on October 23, 2013

Amsterdam’s MuseumPlein

Every good city should have a thriving green heart, an outdoor space were people can gather and frolic and maybe even pretend for a moment that they’re surrounded by trees. Amsterdam, to its immense credit, has these in spades. East Park and West Park and the Amsterdam Forest and seemingly a hundred more. One of the most iconic, though? The Museumplein.

Monks Brought Lunch?

Monks on the Lawn. In the background is Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw.

Not only is it an big beautiful open green space, but on every side the museumplein is bordered by an amazing cultural center. The Rijksmuseum (Dutch National Museum) and Concertgebouw compete with one another for historic beauty while the Van Gogh and Stedelijk Museums shine with a more modern sort of splendor.

Rijksmuseum in a New Light

Rijksmuseum in a New Light.

The fringe between Rijksmuseum and Museumplein may be one of the most ‘iconic’ spots in town, with the “I amsterdam” sign. To my pride and amusement, Cici (a friend from college who happened to be in town) and I managed to convince a group of total strangers to line up and make the letters for an impromptu photo opportunity. I only regret that the sky wasn’t nicer that day!

 photo IMG_1555_zps9886992e.jpg

Gettin’ a little foolish. Weak M, ladies.

Though I never made it inside the ConcertGebouw, Jonny (another friend, whom I’d met in Tajikistan and kindly offered to host me in AMS, and who blogs at http://backpackingman.com/) and I did manage to stumble across an open-air concert one afternoon. The house orchestra was in Rio playing live to a simulcast on the Museumplein lawn… a very cool moment that made me appreciate Amsterdam a little bit more. (Traveler’s tip: every Wednesday the Concertgebouw hosts a free Lunch Concert!)

Concerts in the Park

Concerts in the Park.

Concert Crowds

Concert Crowds in the Park.

Being pretty busy during my stay in Amsterdam, the only one of these museums I did actually make it to was the Rijksmuseum; even that was on a flying 2 hour run before I headed to the airport on my last morning in town.

Rijksmuseum Tunnel

Into the Rijksmusuem. Through the center of the building runs a public bike lane.

It really is a beautiful place, though, and think kind of museum I could happily spend a couple of days in a row browsing. Tickets are a bit on the expensive side at 15 Euro, but I felt like I would be amiss if I left town without at least seeing this one.

 photo IMG_4435_zps1a06830d.jpg

Watching the watchers watch the Night Watch.

It was a little crowded, I spent way too little time, and didn’t even get a glimpse of all the wings. Next time I pass through Amsterdam I’ll certainly be back there. For now, a brief look at a few of things I did see:

 photo IMG_4433_zpsd90aeee8.jpg

Rembrandt’s Night Witch.

 photo IMG_4430_zps7ce16e56.jpg

Gotta love the Dutch, you know?

 photo IMG_4427_zpsc0c1a061.jpg

Art from the Empire – a scene of Indonesia.

 photo IMG_4439_zps9a2a9324.jpg

More than one way to… Dance a Cat?


I was in Amsterdam primarily to take photos for GetYourGuide. This museumplein itself is free and easy to get to. If you’re planning on visiting the Van Gogh Museum or Rijksmuseum, though, consider buying your tickets beforehand to skip the line. And don’t forget, Free Lunch Concerts!

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  1. Jonny Duncan

    I remember that day 🙂 Good times. But no stroopwafels at Albert Cuyp market 🙁

    • Stephen

      Welp, guess I’ll have to make sure to show up next time you make it to Amsterdam so we can try again!

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