A Fine Bit of Art! – The Austin Blanton Art Museum

Posted by on January 8, 2014

UT’s Austin Blanton Art Museum

coffee at the blanton museum cafe

Finishing a coffee at the Blanton Museum Cafe.

I’ve spent months and months in and around Austin over the last ten year, and somehow have still barely scratched the surface of all the cool stuff to do in town. I know of four or five museums offhand just on the UT campus, for example, but until recently had only been to the LBJ Library.

the blanton museum

Blanton Museum of Art on the UT-Austin campus.

I’m slowly working to fix that, though, and spend  a little more time exploring all the things that make Austin such a fun and liveable city! For starters, the Blanton Museum of Art.


Everything’s Bigger in Texas.

Full of exhibitions ranging from woodblock prints of Imperial Augsburg to a survey of contemporary artist Waltercio Caldas, there seemed to be a little bit of everything on offer. Though we couldn’t stay for the evening, there was also a film screening by Edible Austin magazine the night that we visited and a host of upcoming public programs on the Blanton’s calendar.

 photo IMG_3159_zpsd3e2ad40.jpg

Colonial Repression.


An Interactive Statement.

The place (well, the art inside) was quirky, informative, eclectic, and fun even if it didn’t always make a strong personal connection. Which, come to think of it, is a pretty good description of Austin itself.

The Blanton Museum of Art is open daily from 10-5, and located on the corner of MLK and Congress in Austin, Tx. Admission is $9/ person, free on Thursdays.

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4 Responses to A Fine Bit of Art! – The Austin Blanton Art Museum

  1. Nan

    Remember the to do list that I left for you & you never did any of it?? The League City Museum of the Texas Long Horn’s was on that list & I forgot about it until I saw this blog today. It is a real neat place & I think you would have enjoyed it & it’s just past 518 & 270. Hope we will be able to make it the next time you are in town.

    • Stephen

      You know, I saw that and considered meeting Buller there on New Years’ Day but I think it was closed. Keep it on the list, and we’l go check it out next time.

  2. Travis Longmore

    This place looks excellent! It looks like a nice place to get lost in for a while. Is it very big?

    • Stephen

      Big enough for an afternoon, easy, but maybe not quite big enough to truly lose yourself in. The surrounding UT campus is worth a wander ss well, though, with other museums and galleries to check out in pretty close proximity.

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