Mexic-Arte: Mix N’ Mash!

Posted by on December 18, 2013

Having spent much of my time in Austin-proper during the after-hours portion of the day, I’ve noticed the Mexic-Arte Museum several times as I was making the walk from the Capitol area to South Congress but had never actually come by when it was open. Describing itself as “The Official Mexican + Mexican American Fine Arts Museum of Texas”, the fact that we visited just a month after the Day of the Dead seemed especially appropriate.

 photo IMG_3147_zps18306fa1.jpg

From the Mexic-Arte Museum’s permanent collection.

The gallery consists of three exhibition spaces, one of which was devoted to the museum’s permanent holdings from an artist called Tita Grisbach. Love, loss, etc etc etc.

 photo IMG_3148_zps39f88048.jpg

Art for Sale.

In the main gallery, though, was a bit of a garage sell. Works from local artists were displayed for sale all through the halls, some of which were pretty interesting and some that just… didn’t appeal.

 photo IMG_3145_zpsc339ec3a.jpg

I thought these were nicely paired, even though created by two different artists.

A worthwhile visit, though, and a place that I would definitely pop back into while I was downtown in order to check out what sort of new stuff they have on offer.



The Mexic-Arte Museum is located in central downtown Austin, on the corner of Congress and 5th. Admission was free when we visited, but is normally $5 / person except for sundays (free). Check out their website or call 512-480-9373 for more info.

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