Friends in FRU

Posted by on August 12, 2013

After what feels like ages, I’m finally back in Bishkek! Not only that, but within a week of being back here a friend-from-the-road dropped by town to grace the new apartment as Inagurate Couchsurfer.

 photo IMG_6887_zps02072745.jpg

Ala-Too: Manas by Night.

 photo IMG_6988_zpsbb69a42b.jpg

A hard uphill on the path to Kol-Tor.

Not only did Kent (of Dromomaniac fame) offer the perfect opportunity to get back into exploring Bishkek through the eyes of a traveler, but aside from Osh Bazaar and Ala-Too we also made a trip out to what I’m told is one of Kyrgyzstan’s most beautiful lakes (but more on Kol-Tor later).

 photo IMG_6858_zpsb3377f7f.jpg

Transported by music.

 photo IMG_6899_zpsecdbd4d7.jpg

Making friends at the Osh Bazaar.

Nights out with friends.

 photo IMG_6865_zps4568c7b1.jpg

Too much focus?

 photo IMG_6872_zps4cae836c.jpg

Flash-light photography.

Days in my very own kitchen.

 photo IMG_7009_zps20550927.jpg

Grandma’s recipe.

 photo IMG_7014_zps33a61835.jpg

Chili on the stove.

So good to be back in Bishkek!

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2 Responses to Friends in FRU

  1. Nan

    I am way jealous of your love for Bishkek. I want you back here someday. I love having you close. No one else gives me a hard time for the way I talk or some of the things that I do. Love N.

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