I hate to admit this…

Posted by on October 24, 2012

Ok, listen up, because I’m only going to say this once. I may have been wrong:


Perhaps there is SOME fun to be had in America.


My general mindset right before flying back to the US tends to be a frantic “Oh man how am I going to make time to see everybody and its gonna be so expensive and what am I gonna do about a car and what if I have to ride Greyhound and and…” that sees me really excited to see friends and family yet a little trepidatious about both fitting in and getting around.


You know what, though? In the two weeks I’ve been back now I’ve hiked trails through desert canyons, visited little Texas hill Country resort towns, and eaten a ton of great Mexican food and BBQ. Then this last weekend, I even got a chance to spend a few nights in Dallas with my little sister to go to perhaps her favorite place in the world: Six Flags. And all of it was awesome.

So, yea, Wal-Mart is overwhelmingly large and its weird to see changed social mores and I think free refills are ridiculous. But you know what?

Time exploring America can be awesome too.

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