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Posted by on January 29, 2013

As I come down to little more than a month left in the US, I’ve been looking more towards plans for the year and where I want to be. I’ve got a few big adventures planned , but starting in March I’m still looking forward to being based in Bishkek for the foreseeable future.

Goodnight, Manas

End of a long day in central Bishkek. Good night, Manas!

While I’m hanging around the US, of course, I’ve been doing what I can with writing and photography to save up a litlle bit of funding in preparation for this big move. In some ways the build-up here makes me even more excited as I prepare to leave on yet another trip abroad to explore the world.  Anybody else looking at an epic trip abroad, be advised that this pre-departure lead time is something to be savored.

Before I get to Home Sweet Home in Kyrgyzstan, though, a few adventures:

First, back in Istanbul, I’ve got a couple of tours lined up where I’ll serve as the official photographer. Free tours, and selling photos!

Tough Day?

People-watching in Istanbul.

After that, I’ll head to Athens for a short stop before flying to Chania on Crete to visit an old friend from high school. After hanging out in Chania with Kyle for a bit, we’re planning on heading up to the White Mountains of Crete for some treeking through the snow-covered peaks that reportedly make the region stunningly beautiful. Don’t worry, I’ve got plenty of warm clothes packed!

After all that snowy hiking, of course, the beaches of Southern Crete seem like the obvious place to laze around and warm back up before a flight to Bishkek.

And, if I’m lucky and persistent, maybe I’ll even have a job lined up in Kyrgyzstan by the time I get back?

Here’s hoping. Until then, though, I’ve got a bit more hiking to do in the Texas Hill County before I catch my flight out:

Devil's Waterhole

Hiking in the Texas Hill Country.


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