Bagan Landscape

Posted by on April 6, 2011

Bagan Landscape

If each individual temple is wonderful on its own, my greatest joy of Bagan was climbing a giant temple to be rewarded with a panoramic view of temples in every direction.  A number of times, I felt like I should have been on a movie set rather than a real historical place. Somehow, photos like this just yell “Indiana Jones” to me:

bagan landscape photo

I actually visited Bagan back 2011 or so, before the big changes that are currently taking place. When I was there, it was pretty easy to just hire a horse or bicycle for the day and explore at leisure, but I have legitimately no idea what it is like now. If you’re worried about visitng Bagan independently, check out the growing list of partners with GetYourGuide.

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5 Responses to Bagan Landscape

  1. Nan

    WOW,WOW,WOW Just beautiful. I know your heart was so happy as you stood & took that all in! That will have to be one that I put in the special group.

    • slioy

      It was incredible. Bagan is one of my favorite places EVER, and this is one of my favorite memories (and photographs) from when I was in Bagan.

  2. Davelyn

    So I have saved this pic = not sure what i will do with it but this is so beautiful. This is more beautiful that the postcard we just received. I showed one of my friends and she is going to see how large she can get it printed and frame it. BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Adam

    Love your photo! From which temple did you take this photo from?
    Was this as sunrise or sunset?

    • Stephen

      Hi Adam, and thanks! This one was at sunset – I don’t recall the name, but there’s a big stepped ziggurat-style pyramid that’s quite popular for sunsets. It’s easy to see from far off when you’re out exploring. Hope that helps!

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