Beach Town Batumi

Posted by on October 3, 2012


My trip to Batumi, and indeed my time in Georgia as a whole, was focused more on getting a visa to Azerbaijan than on enjoying Georgia for itself.

Black Sea Beach Action

I was really surprised, then, to find in Batumi a great town to hang out in. Known as a somewhat popular Russian-world beach resort on the Black Sea, I expected the worst. Think big Russian guys in small speedos, walking down the street with ice cream in one hand and vodka in the other.


Perhaps I’ve just heard too many stories about Phukhet (Thailand), though, because Batumi wasn’t that at all. Instead I found a lively town with attractive architecture and people, dotted with cafes and pubs, and an old town less than a 10 minute walk from the beach.


So, no, the beaches weren’t pristine white sand (more pristine gray pebbles) and the town has a bit of a rough at the edges feeling. Compared to what I was expecting, though, it was downright delightful!

Europa Square

My time in town was quite short, though, as I eventually got a visa for Azerbaijan and hopped into a van with two Australian dudes who were on their way through from London to Mongolia.


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2 Responses to Beach Town Batumi

  1. Escape Hunter

    Great photos!
    I’m jaw-open about Batumi and Tbilisi. The buildings look great and new daring architectural creations are under construction…
    Batumi is said to have a thriving gambling industry… still emerging. I heard, during the Soviet times it used to be a major beach travel destination in the region.
    What do you think – is Georgia a bit underrated? I would certainly visit it.

    • Stephen

      Absolutely – but to their credit they’re trying hard to change that. I think it will be a while before it becomes truly popular, though, given the few things most people know about the country have to do with their bad political relationship with Russia. This one as well I would love to get back to. I only really stayed long enough to get a visa for Azerbaijan, then I ran for the border.

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