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Posted by on June 17, 2013


Adoring Crowds

Adoring Crowds of Besiktas Fans.

Given my predilection for both soccer and Istanbul, is it any surprise that when I finally found myself in the city mid-season that I made a determined effort to see a game?

Pride and Joy

Turkish Pride.

Indeed if anything, the surprising thing here is that I haven’t been to more futbol matches around the world.  (Why is there not a website for travelers that matches up travel plans and sport schedules automatically? Consider that a business idea in the style of the Dromomaniac.)

 photo IMG_6087_zpsdfaf7bcb.jpg

Hanging out in the Cheap Seats.

At any rate, I corralled four other itinerant-vagabond-types (two met at Athens Studios in Greece, one of their random dormmates in Istanbul, and a lovely Costa Rican I’d been on a tour with earlier in the day) into seeing a Besiktas match with me on my last-night-for-now in Istanbul.

 photo IMG_6093_zps4652d20a.jpg

Upward mobility in the Besiktas’ fan zone.

We booked into the cheap seats because I’ve found that tends to be where the atmosphere is, and they did not disappoint. There was chanting, and singing, and in fact a bit of consumption of illegal smoke-ables (thought not by us of course). There was also an impromptu halftime show as cheap-seats spectators attempted to get an upgrade at the gate.

 photo IMG_6099_zpsf832513a.jpg

On the field with Besiktas.

We eventually made it down lower towards the field and closer to the action, but somehow nothing compares to being way at the top with the riotous ruffians reveling in their team’s success.

And a great success it was, both for Besiktas and for us. Atmosphere, team spirit, and a couple of newfound friends. See what soccer does for the world?

 photo IMG_6102_zpsb2d98069.jpg

Can I use that old/tired athletic supporters joke here?

Hands Up!

Hands Up!

 photo IMG_6131_zps09e71757.jpg

JV Steve making friends.

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