Best Stop Boudin: The Best in Louisiana.

Posted by on February 5, 2014

Best Stop Boudin

I made two stops on the drive back from Baton Rouge, La to Houston, Tx. One was a three-hour lunch to catch up with fraternity brothers over easily the best sandwiches in Louisiana, a place I’ve been numerous times before. The other? Well, that one was a bit of a living legend as well.

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Best Boudin.

You see, I’ve heard about Best Stop since the days when I was a young lad, a veritable freshman at a small liberal arts college in northern Louisiana. The same fraternity brothers, even the very ones I’d meet for lunch a short time after stopping here, had gone on for years about the Boudin at this place.

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Its the Best! Stop… for boudin. See that clever wordplay there?

It was, they all assured, simply the best. The little town of Scott, La describes itself as the ‘Boudin Capital of the World’. Given that boudin is a pretty niche product, it seems sort of hard to compare. How would one even make that call? Best grinding and consistency? Spiciest pepper and onions or most savory sausage?

Whatever the metric, I do firmly believe Best Stop would be towards the top of any competitive list. I prepared it for family, prepared it for friends, and prepared for me; every time, it was a hit. The only thing I can’t believe? That I didn’t follow-up on this years ago after I heard about it the first 20 times.

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Everything from La tastes better with Abita.

I also bought a couple of boudin balls, but man, those were gone almost before I even got back onto the Interstate. I tell myself they wouldn’t have been photogenic anyways.

Best Stop is in the little town of Scott, Louisiana just a bit west of Lafayette. Turn north off of Interstate 10 and drive a couple of miles until you see it on the left. You’ll probably be able to recognize it by all the lifted trucks in the parking lot. Packs of two links (plated in the photos here) were about $4, and Boudin Balls were 3/ $1.50.

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2 Responses to Best Stop Boudin: The Best in Louisiana.

  1. The Guy

    Many thanks for the recommendation. I’ve been to Texas numerous times and also a couple of times to Louisiana but I’ve never come across Abita. Is it like a hot sauce or something of that nature?

    • Stephen

      Even better! Abita is a local beer from the town of Abita Springs just outside Baton Rouge. You can find it all over La, but more and more often these days in surrounding states as well. Give it a try if you get a chance, they have some good seasonal offerings and a well-rounded choice of regular production brews as well.

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