Biking in Vienna: Justifying excessive acts of strudel.

Posted by on April 7, 2014

Biking in Vienna

bike tour at schillerpark in vienna

Something about the laid back atmosphere of Vienna make it a great place to explore on two wheels. After spending a morning sipping coffees and snacking on apple strudels in the many historic cafes of the city, taking to the streets and biking in Vienna for a few hours is a great way to shake things up. With over 1200km of bike paths cutting through the city, it shouldn’t be  hard to find somewhere to go!

biking over the danube in vienna

Though you could conceivably spend a day biking through Vienna’s City Center, the density of interesting buildings and museums (and those cafes, of course!) there making walking a lot more practical. On a bicycle, then, the more interesting way to spend a day is to head out of the city center. The Danube Island is a surprisingly relaxing place to spend a few hours away from town. Bike paths lead from the city center out across the Danube, as well, so getting here isn’t much work either.

bicycle in prater

A bit closer to town, the Prater Park is a far less vast expanse of parkland but the additional amusements of ferris wheels and funhouses (and a couple of small cafes that sell draft beer and basic foods) make it a better destination for the easily bored.

statues at the prater

The atmosphere (or maybe just the decor?) at the Prater is a bit on the creepy side, but with a pretty famous ferris wheel and a ‘Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum’ it remains a pretty popular spot for tourists to visit.

biking vienna at twilight

As night falls, the ride back from Prater is equally enjoyable. The city of Vienna lights up beautifully at night, and the feeling of winding through these streets on a bicycle by the floodlit facades of Imperial Palaces and world class museums makes me feel like I just might be able to live here one day.

hofburg palace at night
I’ve visited Vienna several times, both independently and while working as a photographer with GetYourGuide. Both my experiences of biking in Vienna were while working, but the city also offers a ‘City Bike‘ program for cheap short rides and many accommodation and bike agencies offer daily rentals as well. If you do want to go on a guided tour, check out the Classic Vienna Three Hour Tour or the wine-themed Grape Grazing Wachau Valley Winery Bike Tour for more information.

Looking for somewhere to stay in Vienna? I really enjoyed the Hostel Ruthensteiner for a chill hangout, while Wombats was an interesting party hostel if you’re so inclined. 

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2 Responses to Biking in Vienna: Justifying excessive acts of strudel.

  1. Emanuele

    One of my favourite cities in Europe – I need to visit in the spring or summer so I can follow your tips on biking 😀

    • Stephen

      Absolutely do, it makes for a really nice change of pace. They have a bug music festival in summer out on the Danube Island, too, that could make for a good reason to visit!

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