The Kyrgyz Cultural Capital

Posted by on December 6, 2013

Among the many other reasons I really like Bishkek (mountains and visa-free entry being right towards the top of that list), one of the ones I didn’t expect before I arrived was the presence of constant cultural events.

Spectating the Spectacle

Watching the Bishkek Philharmonic.

All three apartments I’ve lived in so far in Bishkek have been within just a few minutes’ walk of the Philharmonic, so that has been the default for seeing any sort of live music or performance. The city is awash with stuff like this, though: plays and opera and ballet and music.

Russian Hardness.

Posing for photos after the show.

On those weekend that I can’t make it out to beautiful mountains, the surprisingly diverse cultural scene will have to be what carries me through the vicious winter!

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