Days in Bishkek: What to Do, What to Do?

Posted by on September 11, 2012

As part of being back in Bishkek I’m making a point to learn as much about town as I can: things to do and places to eat and awesome daytrips to the many mountain valleys just outside of town. In doing so I thought it would be useful to put this info together in some sort of concise format for other travelers who were passing through town, so I wrote up a little 4-day Bishkek itinerary with

It features two days of exploring Bishkek’s bazaars and old Soviet-era monuments (and, ahem, Soviet-era museums…). Beyond that, though, there’s also info on how to get out of town to the mountains at Issyk-Ata and Ala-Archa on public transit instead of having to hire a guide or taxi the whole way. A great way to see some of the best bits of the Chuy Valley and Bishkek without paying European prices.

Click above to see it on the Unanchor websites, or here to see reviews on Amazon:

If you know anybody who is new in town and looking for help on getting around, send ’em to check it out!

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