Black Sea Jazz Fest

Posted by on February 20, 2013


In what seems to be an awesome and ongoing theme in my travels I stumbled across yet another music festival, this time in Batumi (Georgia).

Black Sea Jazz Festivities

Though I made it to a couple of events from the Festival, by far my favorite was Men In Brass, a German brass band that wandered the streets of Batumi attracting crowds and starting the sort of street parades that make me feel at home.

If I keep stumbling across awesome stuff like this, I might be able to travel happy forever!

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2 Responses to Black Sea Jazz Fest

  1. Nan

    Make you feel like you are in N.O. for the festival ??

    • Stephen

      Yea, a little bit of the same vibe. Much less danger in Batumi, though, of catching a flying bead to the side of the face!

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