Happy (Hour) At the Bluebonnet Cafe

Posted by on January 15, 2014

Pie Happy Hour at the Bluebonnet Cafe

There are little cafes and diners sprinkled all across the roadways of rural Texas, and indeed much of Small-Town, USA. These places serve as social hub and work shirk and that proverbial place where everybody knows your name, at least to the local community. As an outsider, however, how can one tell them apart? What distinguishes the Pitt Diner in Queen City, Tx from Murrell’s on King’s Highway or any other little place on any other little highway?

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Bluebonnet Cafe; Marble Falls, Tx

At the Bluebonnet Cafe in Marble Falls, Tx; It’s the pie.

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Pie Happy Hour! What a wonderful place.

The Bluebonnet isn’t shy about this, with advertising on every side of their highway-fronting building advertising “Pie Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 3-5”.

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So many choices at the Bluebonnet Cafe!

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Which to choose? A piece or a pie?

Walking into the joint, they really push the point! A case full of tempting offerings greets you as you walk in the front door, and within just a few minutes of being seated you’ll hear a waitress ask two or three other tables “Now would y’all like some pie?”… as if there was any question!

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Pie of the Day: Peanut Butter.

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A little slice of Pie Heaven in small town, Tx.

There were, to my count, 15 options on offer (Pumpkin being the Day’s Special when I visited in early December). Overwhelmed with choice, I went with the non-traditional Peanut Butter Pie. As you can see above, it was an overflowing mess of chocolate and peanut butter-y goodness nearly flowing off the plate it came on. It took a long and happy hour to eat, for sure!



The Bluebonnet Cafe is located in Marble Falls, Tx (USA) at 211 Hwy 281. Regular prices on pie are $2.99/ slice, but during Pie Happy Hour you can get a slice of pie and bottomless cup of coffee for $3.50. More importantly, you can make a slice of pie the focus of your entire day! Note that portions are quite large (on both pies and food), so you could very conceivably share.

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5 Responses to Happy (Hour) At the Bluebonnet Cafe

  1. Nan

    REALLY?? What do you think would happen if someone wanted to share Phillip or Chucks pie??

  2. Phill

    While I agree, based on my own personal experience, that the Bluebonnet CafĂ© does have some of the best pies, and food, I wouldn’t exactly call the establishment “family friendly”. In particular, we did not find them to be “child with special needs friendly”, when we visited there about a year ago. I’ve loved going to this restaurant over the years, as I have family that lives there in the area and are regular customers. But after the treatment we received from guests and employees when our Autistic son was having a “meltdown” was shocking. Amazingly, we were not asked to leave, but we were escorted into an empty party room, and the doors were closed behind us, so as to stop bothering the other guests. The looks we got from everyone absolutely broke mine and my wife’s hearts. Needless to say, we will never again frequent this establishment. I don’t say this to demean what they do there, food-wise, but just to give a heads-up to other families with special needs children who are travelling and looking for a place to stop for dinner. It would just be nice if there was some awareness and understanding.

    • Stephen

      Phill, I’m sorry to hear you had a bad experience there. The few times I’ve been in their restaurant I’ve never seen anything remotely negative from staff or patrons, but I suppose every family will have a different experience.

  3. Blue Bonnet Cafe

    Phill, I am sorry to read about you and your family’s experience at our restaurant. Please let us know how we could have better served your family and made you feel more comfortable – our email is bluebonnetcafetx@yahoo.com. We look forward to hearing from you.

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