Brussels: A Capital Time

Posted by on August 19, 2013

Brussels, home to one of the most perplexing tourist draws in Europe, is the one city in Belgium I had ‘been to’ before. Compared to my half hour train transfer in Brussels Station in 2006, though, the several hours I spent in town this time were far more (ful)filling.

Leonidas Photo Shoot

I definitely spent 15 minutes giving my last two pieces of chocolate their own photo shoot.

I still don’t understand the appeal of the Manneken Pis (literally: Little Man Pee) statue. Tourist from all over the world crowd around this two foot statue to snap pervy pictures of a urinating little boy.

 photo IMG_4335_zpse33aa617.jpg

Alternate name: Le Petit Julien.

The waffle stand next door is a nice touch, though.

 photo IMG_4344_zps4614406d.jpg

Who could be Pis’ed about this?

The rest of town, though, I totally support.

Belgian Arcade Visit

Shopping Arcade in Brussels.

Sure, it gets a little bit crowded once all those tourists wander away from the Manneken.

 photo IMG_4330_zps834ffdd4.jpg

Tourist Season, for sure.

But there’s also Tintin!

 photo IMG_4375_zps17cb358b.jpg

Tintin au home.

And the Atomium State from the ’58 World Expo. Its big and shiny and has a restaurant inside, but really… why is it there?

 photo IMG_4305_zps89bcc381.jpg

Photo credit: Jonny Duncan.
Also, I have had a haircut since then.

Perhaps Belgians should change the reference to Brussels from ‘The Capital of Europe’ to ‘The Prettiest City I Just Don’t Get’. You know what, though? That doesn’t make the place any less enjoyable. I didn’t get to explore the cafes or see the square in the light of dawn or even happen to be there when Manneken Pis is hooked up to a keg to hand out samples to passers-by. I may not get it, but I would happily go back and try again.

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