Budget: Peninsular Malaysia

Posted by on April 25, 2011

Malaysia can be split broadly into two parts: Peninsular and Borneo. I’ve been to both, but Borneo was last summer before I started keeping serious track of my budgets. Borneo was a lot more expensive, in no small part due to all the excellent SCUBA and trekking opportunities.

For now, though, Peninsular Malaysia over the past few months as I’ve passed through several times:

This is more expensive in a couple of ways than a normal backpacker budget should be. Kuala Lumpur has been my “in-between” city for a chunk of the past year as I’ve taken Air Asia flights throughout the region. As such, there have been a lot of purchases of new books, clothes, and assorted sundries that have added up over time.

I also managed to time my last arrival to coincide with the Formula 1 Grand Prix, which was absolutely worth the money but not necessarily something most travelers are going to be attending. Without these two facts, my budget would have been well within the RM90/day I had planned on. Even with them, I managed to get pretty close to that figure. The only thing abnormally expensive about Malaysia is the price of alcohol. Limit that, and budgeting should be pretty easy.

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