A Moment at the Egyptian Museum

Posted by on October 14, 2013
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Egyptian Museum – Sculpture Garden View.

I am actually big on museums, often. Some cities are meant to be experienced out on the streets rather than in stuffy buildings (I’ve still never made it to the Archeological Museum in Istanbul, for example). Some are better spent surrounded by history and knowledge than wandering the mall-studded streets looking for something interesting (I’m looking at you, BSB). Very very occasionally, though, one city manages to sell me on both ideas. These are the types of places where naturally I would linger.

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I found the founder.

Cairo was one of these cities, which is a shame as I was only in town for one day. The Egyptian Museum is, to put it bluntly, full of treasure. Sometimes literally (see: Tutankhamen’s Burial Suite). At other times in the sense of beautiful artifacts buried in some small side hall but interesting enough to grab and hold the attention far longer than my guide would have liked.

The Gift

This is not ancient papyrus, this is just a tribute.

Even the corridors of the Egyptian Museum were hung with ancient papyrus scrolls depicting the legends and kings of Ancient Egypt. Sadly photography isn’t allowed inside the Museum itself, however this is probably the only reason I didn’t spend the whole day wandering these corridors.

Ancient Story, Modern Museum

Ancient Story, Modern Museum.

In the end, my guide was insistent that we get out of Central Cairo before crowds started pouring into Tahrir Square just next door to the museum. And so, I said a sad goodbye. We left the museum, waved to the lines of soldiers sitting out front to protect this priceless collection, and hopped in a car towards Giza.

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Saying goodbye (for now) to the Egyptian Museum.

Even then I could say with some confidence that I’ll be back to Cairo with a full day to wander these halls. Maybe even snap some cheeky photos when the guards aren’t looking?


I was in town as part of a Hurghada Cairo Daytrip with GetYourGuide where I was doing some photography for them. The organized driver/guide was useful for doing so much in one day in Cairo, but if you plan to visit just the Egyptian Museum I’d say go on your own and wander at will instead of having an itinerary to stick to.

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