Canoe Racist?

Posted by on June 22, 2012

Ah, sorry, that should be canoe “races”. I stumbled across an International Canoe Race (between Yap, Palau, and I think the Marianas) one day as I was passing through Colonia, Yap.
Bogus Bai

I like this picture a lot just because it manages to pull together traditional Yapese culture (the Bai in the midground), a bit of Colonia’s history (the colonial-era hotel on the hill), and of course the watersports (oh, the diving! manta rays!) that drew me to Yap in the first place.



Headed to Yap and unsure where to stay in Colonia? The best dive resort/hotel combo seemed to beĀ Yap Pacific Resort, but spend some time searching and you can find other options as well.

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