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Year in Photos: 2017

Year in Photos: 2017 I know I say this every year, but y’all, what a year 2017 was. Three or four months of road-tripping across two different countries. Awesome professional projects, some new and some old. A fair bit of hiking (though never enough!). Last-minute birthday trip to Siberia. And so much on the horizon … Continue reading »

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Austrian Radio Interview: Travel Kyrgyzstan Edition

Austrian Radio Interview: Kyrgyzstan Edition   In what seems to be an ongoing series of interviews with Radio FM4 in Vienna, I spoke with their team at the end of March about travel opportunities in Kyrgyzstan as a representative of Lonely Planet. Having been based here off and on since 2012, it was a nice … Continue reading »

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Austrian Radio Interview: Travel Eritrea Edition

Austrian Radio Interview: ‘Travel Eritrea’ Edition Hey again! I’m finally back to Kyrgyzstan after two months on the ground in Texas, but just before I hopped back on a flight to head this way I found time to record another interview with Radio FM4 in Austria. This one’s about Eritrea, which I visited back in … Continue reading »

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Uluwatu Temple and the Kecak Monkey Dance

Bali’s Uluwatu Temple: The Kecak “Monkey Dance” Bali’s Uluwatu temple is beautiful, its clifftop location overlooking the Indian Ocean perfect for sunsets and engagement shoots and taunting indigenous macaques until they get fed up and rip your camera right out of your hand. While the temple itself is a beautiful backdrop, however, the temple is … Continue reading »

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Austrian Radio Interview: Travel in Uzbekistan

Austrian Radio Interview: Travel in Uzbekistan Happy New Year! I’m frantically finishing and editing a write-up from my trip to Eritrea in November to get it all wrapped up before taking off for the hinterlands of Texas this week, so no long-form posts on here for a while yet. I did, however, manage to a quick … Continue reading »

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Year In Photos: 2016

Year in Photos: 2016 So, I know it has been a little quiet around here, but that’s just because I’ve been having a fantastically awesome year with not a lot of time left over for personal projects and especially this blog. Never fear, though, as I’ve been taking photos all the while; and while it … Continue reading »

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Hari Raya Nyepi: Bali’s Day of Silence

Hari Raya Nyepi: Bali’s Day of Silence Imagine Nyepi in Bali. Picture South-East Asia. Motorbikes vie against big smoking diesel busses for space. The scream of mechanics’ tools and the barking of road-running dogs are overpowered only when you weave far into the depths of a market and the lowing of a fresh butchery or … Continue reading »

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World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan: A Nomad Olympics

World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan: An Olympics for Nomadic Cultures If you were following my Facebook Page or Instagram in 2014, you’ll have undoubtedly seen a flood of images from old-school portraits to crazy sporting events, all from one very specific and amazing event: The World Nomad Games 2014. Hosted by Kyrgyzstan and featuring teams from across the Pan-Turkic world and … Continue reading »

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