World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan: A Nomad Olympics

World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan: An Olympics for Nomadic Cultures If you were following my Facebook Page or Instagram in 2014, you’ll have undoubtedly seen a flood of images from old-school portraits to crazy sporting events, all from one very specific and amazing event: The World Nomad Games 2014. Hosted by Kyrgyzstan and featuring teams from across the Pan-Turkic world and … Continue reading »

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Shymbulak: Legit Skiing in Kazakhstan!

Shymbulak – Skiing in Kazakhstan The Shymbulak Ski Resort, high above the city of Almaty and tucked deep into the mountains that stretch beyond the Medeo Ice-Skating Rink, is an area seemingly unknown to outsiders but may well be one of the best spots for snow-sports in all of Central Asia.

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Medeo: Ice-Skating and Stair Stepping in the Mountains of Kazakhstan

Ice-Skating at Medeo With a distinct appreciation for snowy mountains and Soviet-era relics, how could I avoid a trip to the ice-skating rink at Medeo on my last visit to Almaty?

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Coming Soon in Central Asia: Travel Plans for 2014

Upcoming Central Asia Travel Plans I’m trying hard to slow down this year, and spend more time in Kyrgyzstan or at least Central Asia instead of hopping constantly from one region to another. I’ve been in Kyrgyzstan now for a little over a month, but the only real exploration I’ve managed to do it to … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Kazakhstan

You know, I still haven’t decided if I enjoy Kazakhstan as much as I do the rest of Central Asia. I’ve met great people there, for sure, especially through CouchSurfing in Almaty a couple of times. There’s good hiking to be done too, of course, in Aksai Gorge and Charyn Canyon. Somehow, though, the place … Continue reading »

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All About Almaty

Central Asia is not typically a place I think of going to enjoy ‘city life’. At worst, places like Tashkent leave negative impressions. At best I walk out with fond memories of Ashgabat or Bishkek less because of the cities themselves and more because of the people I meet there. Given all this, this, I’ve … Continue reading »

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Charyn Canyon – The Grand Canyon of Central Asia!

Charyn Canyon Charyn Canyon is a really beautiful place, well worth the trip from Almaty whether as a daytrip or overnight. I even went as part of an organized tour group, something I generally flee from like other folks flee from contagious diseases. Surrounded by a bus load of Kazakh and Russian tourists chattering away … Continue reading »

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Who puts that in a bag?

Probably the second-longest string of poo jokes I’ve ever made in my life. Waiting outside of the Migration Police office in Almaty, when all of a sudden it hits me.  Well, not me, but the driver and the car that I was sitting in at the time. I had neglected to register my foreign presence … Continue reading »

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