Year in Photos: 2017

Year in Photos: 2017 I know I say this every year, but y’all, what a year 2017 was. Three or four months of road-tripping across two different countries. Awesome professional projects, some new and some old. A fair bit of hiking (though never enough!). Last-minute birthday trip to Siberia. And so much on the horizon … Continue reading »

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Austrian Radio Interview: Travel Kyrgyzstan Edition

Austrian Radio Interview: Kyrgyzstan Edition   In what seems to be an ongoing series of interviews with Radio FM4 in Vienna, I spoke with their team at the end of March about travel opportunities in Kyrgyzstan as a representative of Lonely Planet. Having been based here off and on since 2012, it was a nice … Continue reading »

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Year In Photos: 2016

Year in Photos: 2016 So, I know it has been a little quiet around here, but that’s just because I’ve been having a fantastically awesome year with not a lot of time left over for personal projects and especially this blog. Never fear, though, as I’ve been taking photos all the while; and while it … Continue reading »

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World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan: A Nomad Olympics

World Nomad Games in Kyrgyzstan: An Olympics for Nomadic Cultures If you were following my Facebook Page or Instagram in 2014, you’ll have undoubtedly seen a flood of images from old-school portraits to crazy sporting events, all from one very specific and amazing event: The World Nomad Games 2014. Hosted by Kyrgyzstan and featuring teams from across the Pan-Turkic world and … Continue reading »

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Celebrating Nooruz (Persian New Year) in Bishkek

Celebrating Nooruz (Persian New Year) in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan   (Note: this Nooruz post originally published in 2014. Sadly I’m out of town for 2016 festivities, but hopefully next year I’ll be able to catch it in Bishkek or Tashkent or maybe even Tehran? Till then, sprazdnikom nooruz!) As with any holiday worth the title, half … Continue reading »

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Hey That’s Me!: Recent Features in Kyrgyzstan’s Media

Hey That’s Me: Features in Kyrgyzstan’s Media Let’s talk, for a moment, about Kyrgyzstan’s media and about me. Big cities are great, wonderful in fact, full of culture and action and people and beautiful moments and hidden secrets. But they are not the places I crave. On those long dark nights when a trip has gone … Continue reading »

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Skiing in Kyrgyzstan: An Overly-Thorough Guide

Skiing in Kyrgyzstan: An Overly-Thorough Guide Skiing in Kyrgyzstan – it doesn’t get a lot of international press, not nearly as much as it should. Kyrgyzstan isn’t necessarily the easiest place to spend winter, and for many I think dreams of Thai beaches and southern-hemisphere summer are often top of mind. While all the snow and ice … Continue reading »

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A Weekend Of Not Skiing At Kyrgyzstan’s Karakol Ski Base

A Weekend Of Not Skiing: Kyrgyzstan’s Karakol Ski Base Karakol Ski Base. Everybody says it’s the best. In the country for sure, in the region perhaps. It’s certainly the highest elevation of any in Central Asia, at 3040m. If you’re a skier looking for good runs and comfy hotels for a winter sports trip in Kyrgyzstan, Karakol … Continue reading »

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