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Year In Photos: 2016

Year in Photos: 2016 So, I know it has been a little quiet around here, but that’s just because I’ve been having a fantastically awesome year with not a lot of time left over for personal projects and especially this blog. Never fear, though, as I’ve been taking photos all the while; and while it … Continue reading »

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Marathon Running in the Mountains of Heaven

Marathon Running in the Mountains of Heaven It could be any marathon anywhere, but it isn’t.

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Hong Kong Gone Wild

I’ve mentioned this before, but the weather has been terrible the last few times I’ve been in Hong Kong. Reading and drinking coffee can only stay engrossing for so long, though, and the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens make a nice diversion even on the most overcast of days. In the heart of Central, … Continue reading »

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Dialogue in the Dark

Looking for something special to do midweek in the middle of the day for Liz’s birthday in Hong Kong, we found Dialogue in the Dark. Similar to the Dining in the Dark experience in Paris so many years ago, Dialogue is meant to simulate for a short time the life of the blind in an … Continue reading »

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Under the Weather in Hong Kong

The past few times I’ve been in HK, the weather has been absolutely foul for almost the entire trip. Long-term travel isn’t always sunshine lollipops and rainbows, and on during those weeks when the world has been motivation-sappingly cloudy for days on end, you still have to find something interesting to do! From Central, the … Continue reading »

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New Territories, New Temple

Another overcast day in Hong Kong, so I finally got out to that New Territories temple I pass on the airport bus every time I come to town. It makes me feel almost like being back in China for a day! —— Planning to spend time in Hong Kong? Keep in mind that accommodation can … Continue reading »

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So Much Seoul

On a cold bright night in Seoul, with a 16 hour layover between flights, I hit the streets. After hours of wandering through dark roads, warm coffeeshops, and busy market streets, I was giving up on finding anything truly cool. Then, around 4 in the morning, Beng Eunsa. An old temple complex in the heart … Continue reading »

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Occupy: Hong Kong

In the wake of the whole “Occupy” movement in the States, I suppose I should have assumed that there would eventually be international chapters of the idea as well. The idea honestly didn’t occur to me, though, until my friend Niko happened to mention it when we met up one afternoon in Hong Kong. I … Continue reading »

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