Marathon Running in the Mountains of Heaven

Marathon Running in the Mountains of Heaven It could be any marathon anywhere, but it isn’t.

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Photo Slideshow: Japan

Konnichiwa! Not one of my absolute favorite places to travel, but definitely a places that shakes things up compared to the rest of the region. Japan was a fun trip, with the highlights definitely being Sumo and Food (which, I guess, are linked in a way?) Arrigato go zai mas, Nippon!

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Ninja Town

You know what’s almost as good as the 14th century World-Heritage castle at Himeiji? Ninjas! Unfortunately, airport security took my ninja stars when I tried to board my flight to Hong Kong with them.  What’s next, Japan, no samurai swords in public?!  

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Deerest Nara

Nara has several large temples, cool sake bars, and decent hiking.  But its mostly known for its deer.  This leads to many different scenes. Some pretty stereotypically Japanese. Some that might be described as adorable. And some particularly carnivorous. Who’s in the mood for venison?

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Kyoto by Photo

Kyoto by Photo  

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Rockin’ the Inaka.

My JET-set fraternity-brother Matt lived for a while in what could perhaps best be described as the outskirts of the fringes of the suburbs of a city (Sendai) you had never heard of until the recent environmental disasters.  The name of Matt’s town, as far as I can remember, was Myagi-ken.  When I say it … Continue reading »

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Sumo in Osaka

Very early in the day’s matches before most the the crowd arrived, I managed to get up close to the action on the stadium floor. Here’s one entire low-level sumo match. Pardon the occasional manic shaking and the salary man that walks in front of the camera.  I was worried enough about being out of … Continue reading »

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Large Men in Loincloths

The absolute single most excellent thing about Osaka was the SUMO TOURNAMENT that was going on when Matt and I visited. We took our seats hours before the main action began to see some of the lower level fights (which is how I managed to get a video from just beside the ring) before even … Continue reading »

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