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Hong Kong Temple Street Market

Hong Kong Temple Street Markets On one of those many “passing through Hong Kong” trips I’ve made over the past few months, I talked Matt and Liz (my two favorite HK residents)  into heading out one night to the relatively well known Temple Street Night Market. Expecting a food street type set-up, it ended up … Continue reading »

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Wind Horses in Flight

In Tibetan Buddhist culture, prayer flags are an ever-present reminder of religiosity in the course of day-to-day affairs. In every instance of this cultural background that I’ve seen, from the far north of Mongolia and south to the Himalayas of Nepal, I’d seen prayer flags fluttering everywhere but never made a point of learning about … Continue reading »

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Photo Slideshow: Japan

Konnichiwa! Not one of my absolute favorite places to travel, but definitely a places that shakes things up compared to the rest of the region. Japan was a fun trip, with the highlights definitely being Sumo and Food (which, I guess, are linked in a way?) Arrigato go zai mas, Nippon!

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Trail to TaiShan

Before ever climbing Mt Tai, it is inevitable that one will pass through the town of Tai’An at the foot of the mountain. Though not much of a destination in its own right, there are a few interesting spots that make a wander through the city pretty bearable while waiting for good weather to hike … Continue reading »

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Climbing Taishan

Hiking Mount Tai Even if sunrise at TaiShan wasn’t the most incredible experience, the hike up is still a bit of fun and rewards with pretty nice views over the mountains of Shandong province.

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The East is Red

TaiShan Sunrise   Welcome to TaiShan, home of the most famous sunrise in all of China.  It was here that Mao Zedong so famously declared that “the East is Red” so long ago.  Emperors throughout the ages climbed Mount Tai to sacrifice at the temple and watch sunrise from the peak. Yea, I dont get … Continue reading »

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Checking out Qufu

Aside from the obvious Confucian memorials in Qufu and the dog meat vendors, the town has a handful of other places that are worth a wander.Here are some photos of my favorites:

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Hiking the Hong Kong Trail

My second and third days of hiking in Hong Kong, both on the Hong Kong Trail, offered a surprisingly bit of seclusion considering that I was never more than a couple of kilometers from large urban areas (if even that?). Yet at times it still looked and felt (if not always sounded) like nature, with … Continue reading »

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