Its Better In Bruges

Colin Farrell would have you believe that Bruges is a joyless place where happiness and hitmen go to die. I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but if Colin Farrell really believes this he must be a hack. Speaking of hacks, I have a terrible journalistic sense and wasn’t listening at all … Continue reading »

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Brussels: A Capital Time

Brussels, home to one of the most perplexing tourist draws in Europe, is the one city in Belgium I had ‘been to’ before. Compared to my half hour train transfer in Brussels Station in 2006, though, the several hours I spent in town this time were far more (ful)filling. I still don’t understand the appeal … Continue reading »

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Don’t Be An (An)twerp.

Antwerp is a lovely city full of beautiful historic buildings with far fewer tourists than Brussels or Bruges. And yet, somehow, it just didn’t grab me the way the other two did. I was for once, glad I was on a quick daytrip through instead of an extended visit. There were good parts, of course. … Continue reading »

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Beer and Chocolate: A Belgian Tour

Some start-up travel blogger out there looking for their niche should really move to Belgium and start a website called ‘Beer and Chocolate’. Perhaps it was a product of Jonny and I hanging out in all the most touristy areas of each town but chocolate shops seemed to be around every corner with cathedrals to … Continue reading »

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