Black Sea Jazz Fest

In what seems to be an awesome and ongoing theme in my travels I stumbled across yet another music festival, this time in Batumi (Georgia). Though I made it to a couple of events from the Festival, by far my favorite was Men In Brass, a German brass band that wandered the streets of Batumi … Continue reading »

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Beach Town Batumi

My trip to Batumi, and indeed my time in Georgia as a whole, was focused more on getting a visa to Azerbaijan than on enjoying Georgia for itself. I was really surprised, then, to find in Batumi a great town to hang out in. Known as a somewhat popular Russian-world beach resort on the Black … Continue reading »

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The one with Tbilisi, not Atlanta

I only managed to spend two night in Tiblisi, the capital of the country Georgia. The first, my $5/ night hostel had all-you-can-drink wine. I got my $5 worth hanging out with Jason, an American guy I’d spent the next two weeks hanging out with. The next day was spent mostly online, then hopping a … Continue reading »

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