Year in Photos: 2017

Year in Photos: 2017 I know I say this every year, but y’all, what a year 2017 was. Three or four months of road-tripping across two different countries. Awesome professional projects, some new and some old. A fair bit of hiking (though never enough!). Last-minute birthday trip to Siberia. And so much on the horizon … Continue reading »

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X Reasons You Should Get To Greece This Year

X Reasons You Should Get To Greece This Year With a friend recently planning a trip to Majorca for her upcoming vacation, my cries that now is the perfect time to head to the Greek Isles fell on deaf ears due mainly to fears about the current state of the Greek economy. Though she didn’t listen, you … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Greece

Travel Budget: Greece I tend to think that a lot of budget travelers actually make terrible estimates of how much travel to any given area of the world will cost. Greece, for example, is clearly ‘Europe’ yet the costs here are substantially lower than (for example) Vienna and Amsterdam. I passed 46 days in Greece … Continue reading »

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Crete E4: A Day of Rest

Having walked from Elafonisi all the way to Hora Sfakia over the coastal route of the Crete E4, I was well ready to hop a bus for the beach town of Fragokastello for a few days’ rest before my friend Kyle met up to head into the White Mountains. After the bus never materialized, I … Continue reading »

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Crete’s Lefka Ori – Whiter Than I Thought.

Having been staring up towards Crete’s mountain chains the entire time I was walking the coastal routes of the E4 trail, it was with a sense of excitement that Kyle and I drove up rocky back roads into the heart of the White Mountains. Our original intention had to been to hike from here through … Continue reading »

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Crete E4: The (My) Final Stretch

Leaving the most amazing campsite in Greece (at Agia Roumeli) is, in fact, a hard thing to do. First you walk for an hour on an unstable path over rocky beaches, then up a sandy hill looking out over the Libyan Sea. Having gained some altitude, though, the path opens up and mostly evens out … Continue reading »

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Homebase: Agia Roumeli

Homebase: Agia Roumeli If Crete is a hikers’ paradise, the little seafront village of Agia Roumeli is perhaps the 9th sphere of Heaven around which the rest is built. As I’ve mentioned before, Samaria Gorge is one of the main highlights of the island’s impressive natural landscapes. Guidebooks talk of Agia Roumeli as a pass-through stop at … Continue reading »

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Gorging on the Landscapes of Crete

Samaria Gorge is, it seems, the most well-renown hiking spot in all of Crete and perhaps even all of Greece. As I mentioned in Athens that I would be heading soon to Crete for several weeks’ hiking, I was met consistently with knowing nods and eyes that said “Ahhh, Samaria huh?” While I tend to … Continue reading »

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