Budget: Moldova

Moldova actually felt a bit pricier than Ukraine, though looking at this it overall shouldn’t have been.  Though I couchsurfed for all but the first night (because nobody wants to receive a guest at 4am), there was a pretty nice hostel in Chishinau for 100 Lei/ night. I’m told that Transnistria is cheaper, but there … Continue reading »

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Alexandrovka Village

My trip to Moldova immediately took an unexpected turn when I was invited to a small Bulgarian village near Chishinau to meet a metal band who lived there part of the year to help their families with farm work. We spent about half the day doing some light farm work, and then the night barbequing, … Continue reading »

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Travel Moldova

I ended up in Chishinau, Moldova more because I couldn’t think of a good reason not to go than because I had any pressing desire to go there.  A short bus ride away from Kamyanets-Podilsky, it seemed like a shame not to see what Moldova was all about while I was so close! Though the … Continue reading »

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