On Death and Drowning in Lycia: The Rock Tombs of Myra and Kekova Sunken City

On Death and Drowning in Lycia: The Rock Tombs of Myra and Kekova Sunken City Southern Turkey is hugely popular with travelers,  but most will stick to the beaches of Antalya or Alanya. What most miss, and perhaps the most interesting part of the province, is the many centuries of Greek and Lycian civilizations and Arab … Continue reading »

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Instagram Update: The Best of November

I know, I know, I know. Only two posts in November, and both of those fro old trips to Europe! I spent November in the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and the beaches of Southern Turkey and online working in Bishkek… and yet somehow didn’t get around to writing about ANY of it. Luckily, though, I did … Continue reading »

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Instagram Update: The Best of October

I realize things have been unusually quiet around here since September, but as is often the case the more I find myself traveling the less free time I seem to have to write travel blog posts. I’ve been in and out of Bishkek over the past month, researching and getting permits for an ongoing project on … Continue reading »

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Aynalikavak Pavilion – The Ottoman Sultan’s Garden

Aynalikavak Pavilion – The Ottoman Sultan’s Garden Much like the magnificent Beylerbeyi Palace on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus, the AynaliKavak Pavilion stands as a forgotten reminder of Ottoman power in the middle of an otherwise quiet neighborhood on the Golden Horn. While places like the Topkapi Palace and Hagia Sophia get millions of visitors … Continue reading »

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Beylerbeyi Palace: The Boshphorus’ Forgotten Ottoman Residence

The Beylerbeyi Palace in Istanbul is a lovely escape from the city heat, but because of its removed location doesn’t see hardly any tourists. Planning to visit? Continue reading »

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Rustem Pasa Mosque: Beautiful, Iz’nik?

Rustem Pasa Mosque Another of the greatest buildings in Istanbul that I’d never quite gotten around to visiting, the Rustem Pasa Mosque is tucked just between the Spice Bazaar (tons of tourists) and the Suleymaniye Mosque (lots of tourists) yet gets only a tiny fraction of the visitors of either of those two. Not only is … Continue reading »

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Istanbul Archaeology Museum: Of Dead Kings and Weeping Women

Istanbul Archaeology Museum I’ve probably walked past one of the best museums in Istanbul over a hundred times without going in. Right in the heart of Sultanahmet, ticked between the Topkapi Palace and Gulhane Park, is the Istanbul Archeology Museum. Actually, thats a misnomer. This is actually the Istanbul Archeology MusuemS, three brilliant collection in … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Istanbul

Travel Budget: Istanbul Of all the places I pass through on a regular basis, Istanbul is probably the one where I’m least likely to pay much attention to my budget. It strikes me as a places where you could just pennypinch the whole time and get by on a threadbare budget, but that by spending … Continue reading »

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