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Best Stop Boudin: The Best in Louisiana.

Best Stop Boudin I made two stops on the drive back from Baton Rouge, La to Houston, Tx. One was a three-hour lunch to catch up with fraternity brothers over easily the best sandwiches in Louisiana, a place I’ve been numerous times before. The other? Well, that one was a bit of a living legend … Continue reading »

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San Jacinto BattleGround: Warships and Wetlands

San Jacinto Battleground Monument In a city of industry, shipping, and the memory of hurricanes I wasn’t necessarily expecting a surprisingly attractive historical monument and well-groomed (if shrinking) wetlands. Yet at the San Jacinto Battleground in La Porte, Texas my expectations were dashed against all odds.

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Down to Reimers’ Ranch: Outdoors in Austin

Reimers’ Ranch Park There are three types of places in my world: 1. Places I’ve never been. 2. Places that I’m happy to have visited once. 3. Places I’m happy to go back to again and again. Even on the micro scale of ‘Places in and around Austin, Tx” this list is valid; each trip … Continue reading »

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Happy (Hour) At the Bluebonnet Cafe

Pie Happy Hour at the Bluebonnet Cafe There are little cafes and diners sprinkled all across the roadways of rural Texas, and indeed much of Small-Town, USA. These places serve as social hub and work shirk and that proverbial place where everybody knows your name, at least to the local community. As an outsider, however, … Continue reading »

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A Fine Bit of Art! – The Austin Blanton Art Museum

UT’s Austin Blanton Art Museum I’ve spent months and months in and around Austin over the last ten year, and somehow have still barely scratched the surface of all the cool stuff to do in town. I know of four or five museums offhand just on the UT campus, for example, but until recently had … Continue reading »

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Mexic-Arte: Mix N’ Mash!

Having spent much of my time in Austin-proper during the after-hours portion of the day, I’ve noticed the Mexic-Arte Museum several times as I was making the walk from the Capitol area to South Congress but had never actually come by when it was open. Describing itself as “The Official Mexican + Mexican American Fine … Continue reading »

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Isn’t it Enchanting?

A little history, a little legend, and quite a lot of opportunity for adventure. That’s Enchanted Rock. Though the specific importance of the distinction escapes me, this is Enchanted Rock State Natural Area as opposed to a state park. Maybe Perry just felt himself unable to commit to the full shebang? Regardless of the name, … Continue reading »

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…and I will go to Texas.

“A gentleman from Nacogdoches, in Texas, informs us, that, whilst there, he dined in public with col. Crockett, who had just arrived from Tennessee. The old bear-hunter, on being toasted, made a speech to the Texians, replete with his usual dry humor. He began nearly in this style: “I am told, gentlemen, that, when a … Continue reading »

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