Guam: Not just an overdeveloped beachfront!

So, no, Guam wasn’t all glitzy hotels and seedy karaoke joints. It isn’t necessarily somewhere that would be my first choice to live, but seems worth a few days at a time. Especially since it serves as the main staging point for flights to Micronesia and Palau!

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Green Guam

Far on the outskirts, where the sea washes into the sands while avoiding overdeveloped Tumon and the super-busy U.S. Navy base, Guam is actually quite a pretty place. The sun rises over palm trees and rolling hills on the east side of the island. The sea rolls in over terraced tidal flats… …and into glassy-clear … Continue reading »

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Are you Gellan?

On a one-day layover in Guam, transiting from Yap to the Republic of Palau, I picked up a rental car and headed for the backroads of Southern Guam. Sights, nature, food, and rural were all there for the taking; but there were also a lot more points of historical interest than I’d ever realized. For … Continue reading »

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