Guam: Not just an overdeveloped beachfront!

So, no, Guam wasn’t all glitzy hotels and seedy karaoke joints. It isn’t necessarily somewhere that would be my first choice to live, but seems worth a few days at a time. Especially since it serves as the main staging point for flights to Micronesia and Palau!

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Palau’s WWII Heritage

Palau was a huge battleground during much of the World War II fighting in the Pacific, and as a result the islands are dotted with little remembrances of the war. Whether a tank rusting away in the jungle or a monument to the soldiers that died, there were lots of reminders to be found.   … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Downtown Colonia!

Colonia, Yap must be the calmest capital city I’ve ever been to anywhere in the world. Essentially just three or four streets that wrap around the lagoon and then wander off into the interior of the island, with cars but never really with traffic. Easily the busiest I ever saw the town was when twenty … Continue reading »

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Waters of Palau

You like diving, you say? Then get thee to the waters of Palau.   A day on and in the underwater world of the Rock Islands of Palau:

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Green Guam

Far on the outskirts, where the sea washes into the sands while avoiding overdeveloped Tumon and the super-busy U.S. Navy base, Guam is actually quite a pretty place. The sun rises over palm trees and rolling hills on the east side of the island. The sea rolls in over terraced tidal flats… …and into glassy-clear … Continue reading »

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Man Law!

As one the most traditional of all the Federated States of Micronesia, Yap retains a lot of the customs that have started to fade out in other places. One of the most immediately visible of these are the faluw, or Men’s Houses, that showed up in every village I visited. Traditionally a meeting place for the … Continue reading »

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Kayaking Palau: The Verbal Experience

Kayaking Palau So, I wrote this kind of spontaneously in a Vienna cafe after I’d already posted photos of kayaking in Palau a few days ago. I’d be really interested to hear thoughts on which you enjoy more, the verbal or photographic description of the trip. This is just a rough first-draft type thing, so … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Palau

Working in the U.S. dollar and with many of its goods imported from Asia and the US, Palau can definitely be expensive. The lack of real budget accommodations in Koror and the awesome (but expensive) prevalence of diving also combine to drain cash pretty quickly. One thing that can save a bit, though, is doing … Continue reading »

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