Travel Budget: Palau

Working in the U.S. dollar and with many of its goods imported from Asia and the US, Palau can definitely be expensive. The lack of real budget accommodations in Koror and the awesome (but expensive) prevalence of diving also combine to drain cash pretty quickly. One thing that can save a bit, though, is doing … Continue reading »

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Kayak-eye view: Rock Islands of Palau

What to do when you find yourself on an island chain in the North Pacific and just really need to get away for a while? Grab a kayak, hitch a ride, and launch out for the Rock Islands of Palau:

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One Snorkel, Two Fins, Thousands of Jellyfish

In the “Most Surreal things I’ve ever done” department, Palau’s Jellyfish Lake is right up towards the top. Jumping in the water with thousands of jellyfish floating about would normally seem like a really bad idea. Those first few seconds, swimming into Palau’s Jellyfish Lake and its hordes of the things, definitely feels like one. … Continue reading »

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Touched by a Turtle

PADI, easily the most popular SCUBA certification body I’ve seen around Asia, is pretty easy on regulations and formalities. Most of the people and shops I’ve dived with have also been pretty have also been pretty laid back folks, so aside from questions of safety the only thing you’re absolutely NOT intended to do is … Continue reading »

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