See me at EBC!

So, here’s the question that nobody happened to ask me when I decided to trek all the way up to Everest Base Camp: “Stephen, why are you going outside of the two months every year when there are actually expeditions climbing Everest?” Hmm. Good point, nonexistent stranger. The hike, especially having started in the foothills … Continue reading »

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Salpa Pokhari: Holy Lake in the Mountains of Nepal

 Salpa Pokhari: The Holy Lake of High Nepal I once heard a story, of a time long ago…. The lake, at the top of the Bhanjyang Pass into the Solu Khumbu region, is still a pilgrimage site for several of the religions that inhabit the Nepalese hills.  The Rai people, whose history defines the legend … Continue reading »

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Phortse in Pics

Despite assurances to the contrary I received on the way towards the village of Phortse, at first view from across a river gorge it looked like… well, like a dusty wasteland at the foot of a desolate mountain.  On the first pass up the valley towards higher altitude, I couldn’t even be bothered to make … Continue reading »

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Shooting Wildlife in Nepal

Oh, calm down.  Shooting with a camera, of course. Beyond being just a colorful chaotic embracing cultural destination for travelers, Nepal is also an excellent place to spend time looking for wildlife.  Some of these would have been difficult not to spot (Tibetan snow-cocks and black ravens seemed to follow me around for days at … Continue reading »

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Folk Music in Nepal

So many times as I was wandering around the streets of Nepal I was surprised with musical performances – almost always at or around temples or religious sites. Listen to them all or listen to the ones that interest you most, but enjoy this little musical slice of wandering around Nepal.     Music, surprise, … Continue reading »

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Welcome to Nepal Railways

Nepal Railways Walking along the Nepal Railway was a great rural experience, but don’t expect to take the train too far. My walking buddy had attempted it a few days before and got turned back at a police checkpoint just before the border!   —- Planning travels in Nepal but unsure how to organize it … Continue reading »

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Just a few hundred meters above the village of Namche Bazar, Kunde makes a great day trip on what could be an otherwise boring rest day. I found the village almost on accident, walking aimlessly after an absurdly early arrival to Namche and a safety-imposed limit on ascending any more for the night’s stop. Kunde … Continue reading »

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Life and Death: The Final Journey at Pashupati


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