Travel Budget: India

Travel Budget: India A photo posted by Stephen Lioy (@slioy) on Jan 12, 2015 at 9:51pm PST   One of the things I’ve gotten away from in the past year has been publishing my travel budgets in an attempt to help other backpackers get a feel for how much they can expect to spend in … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Istanbul

Travel Budget: Istanbul Of all the places I pass through on a regular basis, Istanbul is probably the one where I’m least likely to pay much attention to my budget. It strikes me as a places where you could just pennypinch the whole time and get by on a threadbare budget, but that by spending … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Azerbaijan

Travel Budget: Azerbaijan Not only is Azerbaijan one of my least favorite travel destinations ever, but to add insult to injury it was also a pretty expensive place to explore! For starters, the tourist visa costs around $170 for Americans. I’d hoped for a cheaper transit visa but the consulate I applied at (Batumi, Georgia) … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Tajikistan

Travel Budget: Tajikistan Tajikistan is an incredible country to travel. Towering mountains to hike through and amazingly hospitable cultures that take one look at travelers and invite them in for tea. It isn’t always the most comfortable place to travel, but the sheer adventure of the experience more than makes up for any discomfort. The … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: United Arab Emirates

Travel Budget: United Arab Emirates The United Arab Emirates is, I think, a sort of infamously expensive place to spend time as a budget traveler. The city is built on conspicuous spending, only one hostel seems to exist in all of Dubai, and public transit is GREAT… as long as you want to hang out … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Greece

Travel Budget: Greece I tend to think that a lot of budget travelers actually make terrible estimates of how much travel to any given area of the world will cost. Greece, for example, is clearly ‘Europe’ yet the costs here are substantially lower than (for example) Vienna and Amsterdam. I passed 46 days in Greece … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Uzbekistan

Oh, Uzbekistan, you really are one of my favorites. Cheap hotels and food, reasonable transport, and amazing cities that makes me want to linger. If you could just get that visa hassle fixed, you’d be rich on the coffers of stunned travelers from around the world. The only thing here that really needs describing, I … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Austria

I had to spend about two weeks in Austria in order to get a number of visas (which prices, though considerable, are not included here) for Central Asia. It really is a nice city to wander around, with all sorts of cafes and museums to spend time in and during nice weather lots of parks … Continue reading »

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