Travel Budget: Switzerland

Seemingly the first person somebody mentions when you tell them you’re going to Switzerland is: “Its going to be expensive!” And it is, to a degree. Eating out is a quick budget killer, hostels can run around $30 or more per night for a dorm, and transport costs are huge (though the trains are nice … Continue reading »

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Travel Budget: Palau

Working in the U.S. dollar and with many of its goods imported from Asia and the US, Palau can definitely be expensive. The lack of real budget accommodations in Koror and the awesome (but expensive) prevalence of diving also combine to drain cash pretty quickly. One thing that can save a bit, though, is doing … Continue reading »

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Budget: Yap (Federated States of Micronesia)

Yap is a bit more expensive than most of the places I travel, but still doable for around $100 per day or so. It could be done for less with no diving, but that just seems like an unreasonable thing to give up after having made it all the way to Micronesia. Accommodation was, I … Continue reading »

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Budget: Nepal

Budget: Nepal Though there are lots of ways to take a budget tour of Nepal (like GetYourGuide), I knew I would be spending long enough in the country to justify doing everything from hiking to logistics planning on my own. I was originally aiming for $25 a day and hoping for something like $20 in … Continue reading »

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Budget: Mongolia

Travel Budget: Mongolia Mongolia ended up being far far less expensive than I expected before I went. Even while doing awesome stuff like renting a van for 10 days/ horse trekking around Khovsgol Lake/ outfitting all of your adventures with enough food to last the whole time, Mongolia didn’t cost much more than a mid-range … Continue reading »

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Budget: Hong Kong

Travel Budget: Hong Kong Hong Kong is a great city, consistently one of my favorites in the world.  However its a place where costs start to add up immediately, and I end up spending way more than I expected every time I go. So, here’s a realistic look at what I tend to pay to … Continue reading »

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Budget: Sumatra

Budget for the Indonesian island of Sumatra.  For info on other regions of Indonesia, check out Sulawesi and Bali.  Day-to-day costs in the country like food and accomodation are pretty cheap, and internal flights can sometimes be had for not much more than the cost of a long-distance bus ride.  Beer is comparatively expensive, at … Continue reading »

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Budget: Peninsular Malaysia

Malaysia can be split broadly into two parts: Peninsular and Borneo. I’ve been to both, but Borneo was last summer before I started keeping serious track of my budgets. Borneo was a lot more expensive, in no small part due to all the excellent SCUBA and trekking opportunities. For now, though, Peninsular Malaysia over the … Continue reading »

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