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Hey That’s Me!: Recent Features in Kyrgyzstan’s Media

Hey That’s Me: Features in Kyrgyzstan’s Media Let’s talk, for a moment, about Kyrgyzstan’s media and about me. Big cities are great, wonderful in fact, full of culture and action and people and beautiful moments and hidden secrets. But they are not the places I crave. On those long dark nights when a trip has gone … Continue reading »

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Defenders of the Fatherland Day: Holidays in Bishkek, Soviet-style

Defenders of the Fatherland Day: Holidays in Bishkek, Soviet-style (This article originally posted on Defenders of the Fatherland Day in 2014. To follow updates from 2015’s holiday in Bishkek, follow my Facebook Page and Instagram feed.) Once ‘Red Army Day’, then ‘Soviet Army and Navy Day’, and now finally ‘Defenders of the Fatherland Day’. With piles of … Continue reading »

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Buzkashi and Kokpar – The Central Asian Horse Game

Buzkashi and Kokpar – A Traditional Central Asian Horse Game “Central Asian Dead Goat Polo” For many foreigners I think the game of Buzkashi is THE stereotypical ‘Central Asia’ image. As far back as Rambo III’s premiere in 1988, where Sly Stallone joins in a game of Buzkashi deep in the heart of Afghanistan, this … Continue reading »

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Black Sea Jazz Fest

In what seems to be an awesome and ongoing theme in my travels I stumbled across yet another music festival, this time in Batumi (Georgia). Though I made it to a couple of events from the Festival, by far my favorite was Men In Brass, a German brass band that wandered the streets of Batumi … Continue reading »

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This is the way the World Ends

No matter how hard I try, I seem to still go into a new city with certain expectations already in place. For Vienna, then, I was assuming there would be music/coffee/schnitzel/beer. If I were to try to guess where in the world I might come across autonomous fighting robots, Japan would be right at the … Continue reading »

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Coca no es Cocaine!

In an unexpected find, especially given Freud’s well known historical therapeutic usage of cocaine in Vienna, my first day of exploring the city saw a small demonstration in front of the Parliament building by Bolivians seeking recognition that coca leaves were not the same as cocaine. It was a splash of color and noise on … Continue reading »

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Cuttling with the Fishes

Is it some sort of alien? A destruction-portending nightmare sent to bring our very civilization to an end? No, its a cuttlefish. It kind of looks like that first though, doesn’t it? I’ve seen these things three of four times while snorkeling around the Pacific Ocean, and I always sit and watch them for a … Continue reading »

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One Snorkel, Two Fins, Thousands of Jellyfish

In the “Most Surreal things I’ve ever done” department, Palau’s Jellyfish Lake is right up towards the top. Jumping in the water with thousands of jellyfish floating about would normally seem like a really bad idea. Those first few seconds, swimming into Palau’s Jellyfish Lake and its hordes of the things, definitely feels like one. … Continue reading »

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