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Many Many Manta Rays

One of the biggest draws of SCUBA diving in Yap, indeed one of the biggest reasons tourists come to Yap at all, is the ready access to Manta Rays. Hundreds of miles from the next shallow reefs, the coral gardens of Yap make the perfect place for deep-diving manta rays to be cleaned of parasites … Continue reading »

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Folk Music in Nepal

So many times as I was wandering around the streets of Nepal I was surprised with musical performances – almost always at or around temples or religious sites. Listen to them all or listen to the ones that interest you most, but enjoy this little musical slice of wandering around Nepal.     Music, surprise, … Continue reading »

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Trekking Everest Base Camp

Trekking Everest Base Camp My experience with trekking up to Everest Base Camp actually started outside of Nepal, in the common room of the Khongor Guesthouse in Ulan Baatar, Mongolia.  In the course of a conversation with another American (Heather, from Arkansas) who was also headed next as a solo traveler to Nepal we discussed … Continue reading »

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Mongolian Yak Rodeo

The last night of a four-day horse trekking trip, Dan attempts to ride one of the yaks our host keeps in his herds. He is not successful, but I am amused.  

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Bagan With The Wind

Bagan Temple Video Even almost a year later, Bagan and its thousands of temples is still one of my favorite spots in all of SouthEast Asia and perhaps even the world. From morning to sunset at Bagan, every day was one big mess of temples and exploring and climbing and photography.  Here, then, a video … Continue reading »

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Tianjin Symphony: FAIL.

Wandering around the streets of Tianjin’s old British Concession, I came across the Concert Hall and spontaneously decided to buy a ticket to the symphony concert the next night. What nobody happened to mention was that it would be children’s night at the symphony.  While it was kind of amusing at first when the conductor … Continue reading »

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Zip It Up

On the island of Buhol in the Philippines, the city of Danao hosts the “Sui-slide”, a zipline 480m long and (at its best) 200m high. Quite a ride.

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A Sikh New Rock Band

These guys are out of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Video from New Year’s Eve 2010/2011.  They were pretty Sikh all right.

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