Fortress Camp: The First

Posted by on September 6, 2013
Passing on from Paleochora

Leaving Paleochora via the rocky beach.

The walk from Paleochora to Cape Tripiti is a mostly easy two days, and except for the trail
right outside of Paleochora (which hits a small stretch of half-finished road) is a lot of lovely hiking.

 photo IMG_3667_zps76fa58e9.jpg

Crete E4 map.

At quite literally the end of the road is a surprisingly nice sandy beach, so nice that I
forced myself to stop early for lunch and a quiet rest.

 photo IMG_3676_zps2ba64a09.jpg

Guess what comes next?

 photo IMG_3677_zps81430da1.jpg

Sandy Beach outside of Paleochora.

After this Sandy Beach, the E4 heads uphill for a higher view out over the Libyan Sea to the south.

 photo IMG_3685_zps0dac2f38.jpg

This is what an island hike should look like!

In particular, the stretch leading just to the ancient city of Lissos is an amazing combination of far-reaching views and dense colorful foliage.

Dead Ringer.

Historic Lissos. More on this next week.

I’ll write more about Lissos next week, so suffice to say for now that it makes
for an excellent campsite and is well worth the trip.

 photo IMG_3795_zps13db3b66.jpg

Sougia harbor.

The village of Soughia isn’t lovely per se, but the waterfront tavernas aren’t
bad and I met a couple of travelers in the area that seemed to be enjoying themselves.

 photo IMG_3798_zps9bc42500.jpg

Crete E4 trail Soughia to Cape Tripiti.

 photo IMG_3804_zps201c6a6d.jpg

Leaving Soughia (very soon after I’d arrived).

From Sougia, the way becomes a bit steeper and more difficult but  even more enjoyable as well. I only saw one other walker on this bit, a crazy man who (for some reason?) had been hiking back and forth between Sougia and Agia Roumeli.

Back on the Trail.

Hilltop rest stop.

I wasn’t feeling quite so ambitious, and decided to aim for the
Cape Tripiti area to find a campsite for the night.

Ottomans' Guest

Ottoman Fortress/Campsite over Cape Tripiti.

The only properly flat spot between the bottom of the Fantasma Gorge and beach at the far site of Cape Tripiti is, wonderfully for me, smack in the middle of an old Ottoman Fortress. I’d have better campsites in Crete, but this one was quite a find as far as these things go.

 photo IMG_3818_zpsa029a9c5.jpg

Looking from Fortress Hill down the Tripiti Gorge.

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