Crimea: Bakchysaray

Posted by on January 24, 2011

My final destination both in Crimea and in Ukraine was the small town of Bakchysaray.  Head of the Crimean Khanate before the Russians came in to attack the Tatars, Backchysaray is now a small town with a handful of places historical interest and not much else.

Upensky Monastery

My favorite of the sites in town was the Upensky Monastery.  A Russian Orthodox monastery carved into the side of a cliff, the place has a feeling of “old” about it.  Photography was unfortunately not allowed inside, and there were too many people around to try to be sneaky about it.

Cliff-side picture.

Technically speaking, I never actually made it to the other two major sites in town.  I walked by the Palace several times a day but never went in, and on walking to the Caves I decided that an uphill walk over an icy path was not something I was particularly interested in.

Bakchysaray then, like the rest of the Crimean Peninsula, is a place that I feel I’ll have to get back to one day in better weather to give it another chance.

And with that, Ukraine is ended.  An overnight train ride to Kiev and a flight from there to the Emirates leave me in Dubai.  Coming soon.

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