Crimea: Sevastopol

Posted by on January 21, 2011

Sevastopol Harbour

My feelings about Sevastopol pretty much sum up my feelings for Crimea in general:  It seemed like a place that had a lot of potential, but I was there at precisely the wrong part of the year.

The city had a huge and busy harbour, a nice stretch of restaurant and shops overlooking the water, and a couple of interesting historic sites. There’s even the remains of a Greek city called Chernosus, to which I didn’t make it.

Sevastopol Ship Port

When I was there, though, it was cold and rainy and snowing by the end of the day.  I was in town for a few hours and hopped on a bus back to the city I was using as a base for the area.  I did experience one brief but exciting moment of childlike wonder.  As I walked on the overlook above the harbour, I noticed submarines docked in the port.  My inner six-year-old totally came alive for a moment.

Sevastopol Submarines!!!

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