Posted by on August 3, 2010

Of all the cities in Xishuangbanna I went to, Damenglong gave me the best reception.  Easily visited as a daytrip from Jinghong (the local hub), I decided to drive down one day with no better plans than to have a look around.

Temples, awesome little kids, statues, and general photogenic randomness ensued.  These are some of my favorite pictures from the day.

This is the least shy of the early pictures.

These kids started out quite camera-shy, but very friendly.

Barefoot temples win.

The longer I stayed around, and especially as I started showing them the pictures, the more excited they got.

Child monks?

The size of the group seemed to continuously grow as well.

Monk and his buddy.

Until finally, a Chinese couple showed up and distracted the attention of most of the group, at least for a little while.

Note how well this uses the Rule of Thirds.

Different temple. No kids, but still good atmosphere.

Too bad I couldnt just drive up...

That bike was the best purchase I could have made at the time. Same temple as the last picture, but this one at the bottm of the rather tall hill.

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