Dashain Temples

Posted by on December 30, 2011

I happened to show up in Nepal right before one of the country’s biggest yearly festivals (how does that seem to happen so often?), and spent most of it in Kathmandu.


Dashain last for XX days, and for most of these the celebration seemed more like a general feeling of excitement than any specific ceremony.  One of the last nights of the festival, though, I stumbled across a temple just above the Bagmati River with a small-scale celebration going on.


Pretty low-key, this little temple was simply full of people playing music and lighting candles and generally being cheerful, and kind of reminded me of a smaller version of a Christmas Eve service at some liberal-minded Christian church in the States.   Except with, you know, Hindu idols everywhere and singing in Nepali.


I spent probably an hour and a half or two hours at this temple walking around talking to people and listening to music that people were playing in side-rooms throughout the complex.  This video is quite dark from the low light the night of the celebration, but I think the sound still gives a pretty good sense of the feeling of my experience of Dashain.

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