Desert Safari: Egypt

Posted by on August 30, 2013

Life is strange, sometimes, working as a freelancer. One day I’m in small-town Netherlands leading a bunch of 5th graders through windmills and then bam, two weeks later, I’m chasing an amateur racer top speed through the Egyptian  desert on a 4-wheeler. This was perhaps my single favorite experience in Hurghada, actually, though in total I spent three days in the desert outside of town on various ‘Desert Safari’ trips taking photographs for Get Your Guide.

View from Above

View from Above.

Camel Queen

Camel Queen.(By the way, random Hungarian lady, the email you gave me didn’t work. If you ever happen to see this, use the ‘Contact Me’ page to get in touch and I’ll mail you this photo.)

Bedouin Camp: Jeep Safari Style

Bedouin Camp: Jeep Safari Style.

Camel Portraiture

Camel Portraiture.

Sands in Line

Line in the Sand.

Bread Making

Bread Making.

Camel King

Camel King.

4-Wheeler Parking Lot

4-Wheeler Parking Lot.

Camel Close-up

Camel Close-up.

Dirt Track Racing

Dirt Track Go-Kart Racing.

Camel Crowds

Camel Crowds.

Shattered Civilization

Shattered Signs of Civilization.

Dune Buggy Backseat

Dune Buggy Backseat.

Fleeing the Foothills

Fleeing the Foothills.

Not a bad sort of way to pay for traveling, I’d say.




I did all of these tours as a photographer for GetYourGuide, and I found the guys at Egypt Excursions Online to be far more professional and engaging than any of their competitors I worked with. The full-day option is the Hurghada 4WD Desert Safari/ Dinner/Show, but click around to see some of their other options as well if you’re interested.

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7 Responses to Desert Safari: Egypt

  1. Jonny Duncan

    Looks like a great time! I should have come… đŸ˜‰ I also love taking those close up camel shots, their very photogenic animals.

    • Stephen

      So much fun! I basically got free run of the place for a day and a half, so naturally spent as much of that as I could trying out the bikes.

  2. Tarek Kouta

    Dear Stephen,
    First of all I would like to thank you for your positive feedback about our team and our services, We hope that you had a great experience and unforgettable memories of enjoyment with us, We can’t wait to have you back in our home country which is full of warm traditions and hospitality, See you soon.
    Best Regards,
    Tarek Kouta
    Quality Control Manager
    Egypt Excursions Online

    • Stephen

      Hey Tarek, Thanks for your comment. I had a great time with EEO, actually, much more so than any of the other companies I worked with in Hurghada. I’ll have a couple more posts coming from Egypt, and almost all of them talk about how much fun I had with you guys. I wish you the best of luck with business given the current political climate, but Insha’allah you’ll continue to grow and thrive regardless.

  3. williamewan01

    I never go to the Egypt Safari but i go to the Desert Safari Dubai and it was really a good experience of my life i enjoyed the dune bashing very much.

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