Dubai Yellow Boat Tour: A Quick Thrill Ride

Posted by on December 16, 2013

Dubai Yellow Boat Tour

dubai yellow boat tour

Yellow Boats – Leaving the Dubai Marina.

Sometimes as I’ve been shooting as a photographer on all these guided tours, one of the things I go in expecting to be somewhat boring actually ends up being quite a good time. When I was reading the description for the Yellow Boat Thrill Ride with GetYourGuide, I sort of expected it to be a quick and lame cruise through the Dubai Marina with just maybe a few bursts of speed thrown in on the wide-open parts.

And that did happen, for like the first 5 minutes as we cruised out of the no-wake zone. As soon as we got out, though, it was a half hour of full-speed and tight turns just before reaching what appeared to be pretty solidly built rock jetties. This is the kind of boat that has built-in three-point-harness seat belts… and we’ll not even talk about how scared I was for the life of my camera! (It survived, thankfully, and even came back with a couple of photos I quite like!)

dubai yellow boat thrill ride

Yellow Boats – Leaning Into the Turns.

Even on the down parts of the Yellow Boat Tour our guide (who I remember being a transplant from the Seychelles, but whose name I’ve sadly forgotten) was full of interesting perspective on the history and development of Dubai in the 15+ years he has lived there.

dubai marina yellow boats

Yellow Boat – Affable Guide.

Another hard day at work for me, and another pleasant surprise as something I normally wouldn’t have spent time or money doing ended up actually being quite a lot of fun – and a distinctly good highlight to being back in Dubai.

I went on the Dubai Yellow Boat tour while working as a freelance photographer for GetYourGuide. I actually genuinely enjoyed the trip (one of several that they offer), and if you plan to spend some time in the Marina area anyways it could be worth your time to check it out.

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2 Responses to Dubai Yellow Boat Tour: A Quick Thrill Ride

  1. Escape Hunter

    Nice, stylish skyscrapers.
    In the West and in Japan they’re rather simple boxes of steel and glass.

    • Stephen

      True, but a lot of the older ones in Dubai are similar. I think part of the current architectural style is a deliberate choice by the government to build tourism and convention income that will sustain them once the oil money runs out.

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